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Buy a brick and we will use the funds to renovate Sonop Residence buildings . You can make a difference!


Who is our new hc

The HC for 2016 has been selected . Learn more about this group of guys that turn our Residence 's gear.

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Centenary BEGINs IN...

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Sonop Gebeure

Wie maak die jo(o)l vol?

Tuks RAG.

11 February 2017.

11:00 - 19:00

Tickets are...

Blood Donation @ Sonop

The house members donate blood throughout the day, and are encouraged to...

Praise&Worship Evening

Prasie and worship evening at Sonop Tehuis, and any and all are welcome.


New chairman for 2017/2018!

Congradulations to Dietlof Ferreira for being nominated...

4th in 1nSync!

On Saterday the 4th of Feb, the first years came fourth...


A small Yorkshire Terrier  was found about two days ago...

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Hoe lyk Sonop

Sonop beslaan ses ou burgererwe in die boomryke Brooklynomgewing - skaars een kilometer vanaf die UP hoofkampus. Anders as die ander manskoshuise op die kampus, bestaan Sonop nie uit 'n groot gebou met gange en kamers nie, maar uit mansjoene (klein huisies) met vier kamers elk waar inwoners vanaf hulle tweede studiejaar woon. Tussen die mansjoene is groen grasperke en mooi tuine wat 'n regte huislike atmosfeer skep.

Die eerstejaars woon in die Stalle, die pastorie of die Bloutrein - elkeen met sy eie unieke karakter en atmosfeer.

Sonop is in streke verdeel. Die Weste, Ooste, Noorde en Sentraal het net soos die eerstejaars se woonplekke elkeen hulle eie styl en manier van dinge doen....

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Sonop Restourasieprojek 2011-2016


Sonop residents during the late 1970s and early 1980s will remember how workers of the firm Gordon Verhoef & Krause were working at the premises from early in the morning to restore the dilapidated old mansjoens to their former glory. Many residents of that era experienced the privilege of vacating their rooms that had a leaking roof, cracked walls and creaking floor and returning to a five-star room a couple of weeks later.

While the Sonop Restoration Project 2011 - 2016 is firstly aimed at restoring the buildings (dilapidated once again) to their former glory as with the previous restoration project, certain structural changes will also be made this...

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